70 years oldDo you know someone who is about to reach the grand old age of 70? Perhaps it’s a friend or a family member?

Whoever it is this is the place to find them the perfect 70th birthday present.

We’ve compiled gift ideas categorised under a number of different sections. Have a look through them below and choose the right one for what you’re looking for.

Top 10 Gifts for a 70th Birthday

This is a great starting point – you’ll see all the best-sellers when it comes to 70th birthday gifts. From original newspapers from 70 years ago to personalised calendars and special keepsakes, you’ll find all the best presents here. When buying one of these products you’re almost guaranteed to get a great response!

Personalised 70th Birthday Gifts

Over the past 10 years the growth of personalised gifts has been phenomenal, thanks mainly to the growth of the internet. So many products can be personalised and made unique these days. Find everything here from personalised newspapers to bottles of whisky.


Engraved 70th Birthday Gifts

Engraved gifts are a particular type of personalised gift, and they are known for being a little more special, which does make them a good choice for a 70th birthday. The evidence shows that engraved gifts are also kept longer than any other type of present. They really are what you could call a ‘longevity’ gift.


Fun & Amusing 70th Birthday Gifts

We all like to have a little fun and despite the misconceptions that are out there, 70 years olds love a joke just as much as any of us. In this category you can find many of the best funny gifts, from amazing notepads to inflatable zimmer frames, just what you need for a great birthday!

Gift Days & Experiences

For the more active 70 year old we’ve compiled a selection of some of the best gift experience days. For example, for the outdoor types membership of the English Heritage is a fantastic gift, allowing them to get free entry to over 400 historic venues across the UK. It’s a fantastic gift for someone who likes to get out and about, and with most 70 year olds being free from the strains of work this does make for a very special present.

70th Birthday Cards

Don’t forget about the card. Younger people may dismiss the birthday card as a relic from the past given that we have the internet and e-cards these days, but the older generation certainly don’t go along with this viewpoint – they love to receive cards! Therefore make sure that you compliment your gift with one of our cards. As an added bonus they don’t cost the earth either, just a couple of pounds for one.